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From: Valerie Fox

Madeira, Portugal (formerly USA)

Hello fellow trader,

In 2014, after three prior (unsuccessful) years of trading, I stopped system-jumping and hustling my way through trading. I stopped allowing the outcome of my trades to push me into an emotional, downward spiral. I stopped blaming someone else for my unprofitable results. I took true ownership of my trading.

The result?

I had my first profitable trading year. I then went on to achieve results I never dreamed I was capable of in the years that followed.

From there, I noticed a drastic improvement in my confidence and operational excellence. Trading was easier and emotion-free. And I continued to grow my results year after year.

How did I do it?

First, I built my own trading strategy, one that fit my trading personality and personal availability. Ultimately, I applied trading principles that worked for me in the past, and I stopped using all the things that weren’t working. I created a strategy that aligns with my personal trading personality (more on that later).

Next, I implemented my documented trade plan and worked on my flawless execution. That’s when consistency started showing up in my results over time.

Then, I optimized my trade plan to maximize its profitability. I focused on fine-tuning my entries, exits, and trade management protocol to improve each lever of profitability.

Lastly, I took my highly profitable trade plan and scaled it to compound and multiply my growth.

Bing, bang, boom! Results year after year.

Fast forward to now, and I’ve built and optimized numerous strategies that I can trade to grow my income.

And what's even more personally gratifying is that I have coached thousands of traders across the globe to do the same - teaching strategies and best practices so others can also achieve long-term trading success.

The best part?

I've created a new, 4-stage framework for taking everything I've learned over the last decade (as a trader and trading coach) so you can follow this same process.

All the details from A-Z are shared in my book.

Read on to discover more about this...

Here's a look at what you'll discover when you get your instant, digital copy of The Self-Reliant Trader Method book:

  • Complete powerful self-assessments that will change the way you think about trading and direct you to find your optimal trading pathway.
  • Determine your trading personality so you can trade using a trade plan that is custom-tailored to your skillset and personal aptitude.
  • Explore the disciplines that will accelerate all aspects of your trading, including lifestyle, finances, and consistency.
  • Discover the four stages of The Self-Reliant Trader Method from top to bottom, and identify where you are and what you should focus on next in order to improve your results.
  • Learn when and how to implement the profit amplifiers in order to multiply and compound your growth.

The Self-Reliant Trader Method not only works for me...

but it also works for others!




"I started trading stocks 20 years ago. I didn’t last long as I totally lacked confidence and couldn’t pull the trigger (plus 9/11 happened). With your trade plan, there has been no excuse for me not to pull the trigger. I started trading again and have proved to myself that I can do this. I am anxiously excited to keep going.”



“You helped me start my trading journey 10-ish months ago, and I’ve learned so much more than just a trading framework. I feel confident and comfortable trying new things as I further develop my trading education. You’ve also shown us how to adapt to a changing market. I am so grateful to have seen how you assess the trade plan. What I’ve learned from you has helped set me up for success, and I’m excited as ever to be a trader!”

Highly profitable Trader

who is pumped about his results

“Since you turned me onto your method, I’ve been killing it! Based on what I’ve learned the past 4 months, I’ve pulled in over $42k in profits! Having a blast!"


These are not typical results for all traders. My clients that get awesome results take ownership of their trading and treat trading like a business.

Most traders won’t take what they learn and put it into action, and so they won’t get results at all.


...for those who are willing to put in what is required, I can show you how to transform your trading results using my 4-stage framework.

Just keep in mind, all trading involves time and effort, risk, and persistence. It's not for everyone.





This is a new, daring approach to empower traders who are determined to succeed.

In this book, you'll learn the tools and skills to build a personally aligned trading strategy, along with how to optimize your profitability and scale your growth in a way that allows you to truly own your future.

They say, “what got you here won’t get you there.” If you are ready to step outside your comfort zone, take full ownership of your results, and become the most confident version of yourself as a trader then this may be exactly what you need.

It's only $5.



...so you can get consistent results over time, scale your growth, and own your future!

  • How to create your dream trading strategy and align it to your trading personality - even if you've never created your own trade plan before!

  • The difference between a trading strategy and a trading asset.

  • How I spend less than three hours per week trading.

  • The four major problems facing traders today and how to solve them.

  • Why complexity is crushing your profits and how to streamline your efforts to increase your profitability.

  • How to implement your strategy in a way that will yield consistent results over time.

  • Why it’s important to treat trading like a business and not just a hobby.

  • How traders tend to set unrealistic goals, focusing on the wrong metrics, only to be disappointed time and time again. You’ll learn the most important KPI in trading.

  • The #1 obstacle to overcome in trading and how to move past it.

  • The profit equation and how it guarantees success with any trading strategy.

  • How to use the five levers of profitability to maximize your results.

  • When and how to scale for optimal growth.

  • The three things needed to turn a struggling trader into a successful trader that can stand the test of time.

  • The six emotions that can completely derail your success as a trader and how to avoid them.

  • How to detach yourself from the outcome of your trades and focus on what you can control.

  • Why your mindset matters and how to improve the quality of your thoughts and actions.

  • What a trade plan is, what it isn’t, and how to use one to improve your results.

  • The seven things all good trade plans need.

  • How to draft and document your trade plan quickly, even if you’ve never created a trade plan before.

  • A detailed breakdown of the different trading styles so you can choose the one that fits your lifestyle best.

  • How to turn your strategy into a profit machine for growth.

  • Why persistence, commitment, and personal accountability are non-negotiables with trading.

  • And a whole lot more!

This method works whether you simply want to improve your profitability, or even if you've never been a profitable trader before!

You might be thinking you need experience creating and optimizing trading strategies in order to use the Self-Reliant Trader Method. Or that you need to at least have been profitable trading in the past. That’s not true!

The 4-stage framework you will learn in this book will act as a bridge to help you get from where you are today to where you want to be with trading. It will teach you all the steps to build, implement, optimize, and scale your trading strategy.

When you build and improve your trading strategy using the Self-Reliant Trader Method, you will:

• Experience increased confidence

• Gain a deep understanding of your strategy

• Stop system-jumping and stop starting from ground zero all the time

• Achieve operational excellence and consistent results

• Learn how to protect your money and optimize your profitability

• Implement proven formulas for growing and scaling

Since your trade plan is the foundation of the Self-Reliant Trader Method, I developed an easy process for documenting your very own trade plan. Inside the book, I reveal the full methodology.

Even if you’ve never used a documented trading strategy before, in this book I will guide you to draft your own trade plan quickly, one that’s aligned with your trading personality and preferences. When you read the book, this drafting process can be done in less than a week.

I know it’s a bold promise, but you’ll have your trade plan drafted by the time you’re done reading the book (taking what you already trade and streamlining it, or creating a brand new strategy from scratch). It’s easier than you think.



BONUS #1: How to Find an Edge Using 6 Different Indicators (Video Training)

There are thousands of technical indicators available to traders, which means narrowing down and learning about them can become overwhelming very quickly. Let me show you six of my favorite indicators and how I use them to find trade setups with an edge. From there, you’ll be armed with knowledge and practical application regarding how you could incorporate them into your trade plan.

BONUS #2: The Self-Reliant Trader Entry & Exit Methodology (Video Training)

The most important determining factor of a trade’s outcome is your entry and exit location. Cut out all the other noise about trading, and it is the entry and exit that determine whether the trade is profitable or loses money. Therefore, getting these locations right is vital to your success. In this training, you’ll learn three of the easiest ways to determine your entries and exits to put the outcome in your favor.

BONUS #3: The Self-Reliant Trader Method Audiobook (audio file)

Prefer listening to your books? Order now and I’ll include the full, professionally narrated audiobook version of The Self-Reliant Trader Method. Audio files are delivered instantly upon your purchase so you can listen on any device. Instructions are included to make enjoying the book easy.



FREE BONUS #1: 3 Easy Ways to Trade the Trend (video training)

Finding an "edge" in trading is half the battle, but don't let that get in your way. In this video training, I'll show you my three favorite ways to trade the trend. This is incredibly valuable as you create or refine your trading strategy, determine your trading bias with each trade, and identify when a trend might end.

FREE BONUS #2: 3 Simple Methods to Identify Entries and Exits (video training)

One of the areas that stumps traders the most is determining where to enter and exit their trades. This is so very important because it determines your profitability on a trade! In this training video, I'll share 3 simple ways to identify your entries and exits! They're straight forward, objective, and emotion-free... you're going to love them!

FREE BONUS #3: The Self-Reliant Trader Method Audiobook (audio files)

Prefer listening to your books? Order now and I’ll include the full, professionally narrated audiobook version of The Self-Reliant Trader Method. Audio files are delivered instantly upon your purchase so you can listen on any device.



The Self-Reliant Trader Method is just $5, and you’ll get an immediate digital download of the book plus the 3 bonuses at no additional cost.

Get your copy today, and you'll learn the exact method I’ve used in my own trading to consistently build new strategies and predictably grow my results.

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The Self-Reliant Trader Method will show you everything that I’ve told you about on this page and more.

You’ll get a behind-the-curtain look at how I make trading work at scale and the process I use to quickly create, implement, optimize, and scale trading strategies. I’ll give you all of the data, details, and more... nothing is held back.

You’ll read or listen to the book, and I guarantee you’ll discover new insights you haven’t thought about, perspectives that can help your trading grow, or take-away examples you can immediately apply to your trading strategy.

If you’re not satisfied for ANY reason, just let me know with a quick email to support@tradefocused.com and I’ll send you a refund for your book purchase.




  • Digital copy of "The Self Reliant-Trader Method" book (value = $5)

  • "3 Easy Ways to Trade the Trend" video training (valued = $95)

  • "3 Simple Methods to Identify Entries and Exits" video training (value = $95)

  • Professionally narrated audiobook (valued = $13)

Total Value = $208

But You Get Everything for Only $5

About the Author: Valerie Fox

After previously growing her professional career for over ten years, the thrill to continue to climb the corporate ladder began to dwindle. Valerie was ready to “retire” from the 8-5 scene, and that’s when trading came into the picture.

Valerie started her first trading endeavors in 2011 as a means to achieve time and financial freedom, and she has been trading forex for over 12 years now.

Thanks to her initial years of relentless effort with trading, various strategy exposure, and a lot of backtesting, Valerie was able to finally create her own personally-aligned trade plan and optimize it for maximum profitability.

Now, she uses this same method to turn her life into one of trading freedom, entrepreneurship, and helping others. This freedom has allowed Valerie and her family to move around the world and live a life on their terms.

Valerie is the owner of an online coaching company that has helped and continues to support thousands of traders worldwide, is a published author, and hosts the Trade Focused Podcast.

She still generates her own trading revenue while she empowers traders around the globe on their own trading journeys.

Above all, Valerie believes that family comes first and that trading should be a tool for improving the lives of those you love most. This includes running a business efficiently and trading in a way that provides time flexibility, financial freedom, and joyful days.

When she's not trading or supporting her clients, Valerie enjoys coffee dates with her husband, exploring new parks with her daughters, traveling to new places with her family, and reading thought-provoking personal development books.




  • Digital copy of "The Self Reliant-Trader Method" book (value = $5)

  • "3 Easy Ways to Trade the Trend" video training (valued = $95)

  • "3 Simple Methods to Identify Entries and Exits" video training (value = $95)

  • Professionally narrated audiobook (valued = $13)

Total Value = $208

But You Get Everything for Only $5

See you on the inside!

Valerie "self-reliance rocks" Fox

P.S. – Here’s a recap of this ultra-long page for those who scrolled to the bottom for the important details:

1. I use a 4-stage framework to document and streamline my trading strategy, implement my strategy, optimize my profitability, and scale my growth. This book teaches you that exact framework in detail so you can do it, too.

(No more system jumping. No more self-doubt. No more lackluster results.)

2. It’s surprisingly easy to build a personally aligned trade plan, and I’ve been doing this for over 12 years. By the time you’re done reading this book, you will have drafted your own trade plan and created your personal, performance-based growth and scaling roadmap.

3. For just $5.00 you can get the book I wrote teaching you how to do all of this.

4. Also, if you get the book today, I’ll toss in 3 free bonuses! (Two free video trainings, plus the professionally-narrated audiobook, in case prefer listening over reading!)

5. You can read or listen to the book for 1 full year. If you don’t like it for any reason, I’ll refund you the $5. No questions asked.



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